OOTD: Thats what you wanted

Hello people!
How was your weekend?! Mine was pretty fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I spent time with a few of my friends, we made a lot of pics and then I HAD TO study. OK, it did not ended very well but I had fun so whatever :D
Did you do something better?! Oh and how many of you were or are going to FW?! (fashion week if you did not get it  :P ) Are you going to Bratislava FW?! I wish I could go. I was really  thinking about going to a few shows. Unfortunatelly I´ll have to wait for one more year :(  Doesnt matter right?!
OK lets not talk about shits anymore and lets see todays outfit :) -Actually not todays but whatever :D
DeniVev :*
P.S.: You HAVE to listen to this album. It is great :)

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