OOTD: Get Lucky

Hello people! :)

How was your weekend?! Mine was FANTASTIC! After a long time I finally got to visit one of my favorite places ever. Its my family´s little crib in the middle of forest and I am deffinitelly in a deep and serious relashionship with this place.

It has always been hard for me to deal with some things and people in my life. I am not saying that I had any depressions or that i would have a serious anxiety (although i felt like that the other day) but sometimes I need to refill my energy. Everyone needs to "charge up" sometimes. And the best way of doing it is - in my case and opinion- finding your LUCKY place. It is place where you feel safe and happy. Where you can just sit down and chill or walk around - or to some of you FASHIONISTAS just shop. Its up on you what you preffer.

Of course I love to shop, to be in the BIG CITY, to be around hundreds of people or to walk around in the best stores ever but that always makes me feel a bit stressed or sad at the end. The best place for me is nature. Spending a few days - or just a day- in the middle of nothing! Walk around, feel the fresh air, see all that green plants also see the squirel spying on me while I barbeque- that really happened.

And thats what I did this weekend. It felt amazing and I think that ALL of you should go and try to do such a thing as well. Go and find your lucky place, refill your energy, charge up. You have no idea how good you would feel after it.

Also taking a great pictures is a well spent time for me. And thats what I tried to do and I also thought it should be part of my OOTD post. SO there you go :)
XoXo DeniVev :*

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