Adieu l'été, Bonjour l'automne

Hello people!
Well today I had a chance to enjoy probably last sunny day. I do like summer, but I am SO ready for fall :) For the wheater, that wonderfull nature, for the fashion trends and also for all the events and celebrations that are coming up. But thats not the point of this post :D
I just wanted to show you a few pics i did this weekend while I was having fun with some of my friends. :) Hope you enjoy :)

Oh, and the reasson why the titel of this post is in french :D ehm.. I always wanted to speak French since I love that language so much. I also was told that in my past life I was a french singer :D And in the last couple of days I was listening to this amazing Canadian singer and songwriter known as Coeur de Pirate. She sing mostely in French and  has been credited with "bringing la chanson française to a whole new generation of Quebec youth. And I just love her so much that I thought I would really start studying this amazing language :) What do you think?! Should I go for it?! Do you speak french?
DeniVev :*

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