DeniVevs Cooking Book : Her Majesty Brown Sweetness

Hi People!
How are you all doing?! How was your week? Mine was really busy and thats why I wanted to chill out and BAKE an incredibly great and SUPER DUPER SWEET cake for myself :) If you are on some kind of diet or you cant eat anything sweet then I am sorry but you would not be able to eat this cake :)
REALLY be aware of how sweet and great this will be ahhah ! :)

This cake is in my opinion perfect for those autumn, rainy days when the depression is getting to you. You can relax and make yourself warm while baking it and then you can just chill out. Sit in the sofa, read your favorite book, have a cup of tea and try this "treat".

I basicly kinda made up this recipe. One day I wanted to do something really sweet with chocolate and I wanted it to be kinda cake kinda pie :D So I mixed my recipe for chocolate cake and recipe for nutella pie and THIS is what happened :)

So I hope thats it :) It is not hard at all. I would actually say that the hardest part is baking. You cant bake it for too long.
So I hope you will try it and if you do please let me know if you like it :)

Thanks for reading.
DeniVev :*

P.S.: Oh and if you dont want it to be too sweet then you can obviously skip the sugar but yeah.... :)

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