Weekly Recap n.1

Hello Lovelies ! :)
How are you all doing?! Did you enjoy this week ?! I hope you did, because I did :) I had one of those, like busy but relaxing weeks. I know it seems like that is not even possible but in my case EVERYTHING is possible ! :) I enjoy being busy and having a lot of thinks to do. I do complain about it pretty often but then I realise that I would be sooo deadly bored if I weren´t busy.

On monday I was a part of this concert for primary schools. It was really pretty. Every kid was trying to do their best and YES, they did ! I performed as well. I played with my flute "crew" :D It went actually really good. We were all super happy with the result.
Through the week I also bought a new pair of shoes. YAY. I have been wanting to buy a pair like this for about a year so I am happy to finally have them :)
 And this is my dinner ladies and gentlemen....ahahha :) I am in Love with this book by Lindsey Kelk. You should deffinitelly give it a try ! :)
On thursday I went for a trip with my music school into Budapest. We went to one chateau, shopping center and then for a ballet. We watched a ballet called ZORBA. It is a story about this Greek man Zorba and its full of love. Really pretty. If you have a chance then deffinitelly go watch it ! :)  I always LOVED ballet and this made me love it even more. ahhaah
 This is the view from the theater we were in before the ballet started :)
 And this is after ...
 You can kinda see my outfit here. I wore a little black dress that has a A shape :D and my new shoes I mentioned earlier. :) I kept it really simple since the only accessory I had was belt around my waist and a little black clutch
 This is the theater we have been to. It didn´t look very nice through the day, but at night it was stunning ! :)
 And this is the building that was opposit the theater. It looked really nice as well :)
 Well, on friday I was suuuuper tired, since I came home really late at night the day before :/ But I did find enough energy in my body to write THIS post. Check it out if you like cooking OR EATING at least as much as I do :)
Yesterday, on Saturday I went to my friends and we were photo shooting. It went sooo good, since it was finally sunny day. It was really hot and soo..... I am really happy with the result ! :) 
 For more check out DeniVevPix
And thats basicly my week....Let me know how yours week was in the comment bellow or you can also tweet me using @DeniVevurkova. I would really like to know whats going on in your life.
I hope your Sunday would be nice. Enjoy it as much as you can and DON´T FORGET to come back tommorrow for a NEW POST !! :)
DeniVev :*

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