One more year aka Photo Diary

Hello you lovely people! :)

Whoops I did it again!!! :/ (yes I know it is Britneys song :P ) I have messed up my blogging schedual, since I didn´t uploaded a post on Monday and unfortunatelly that wasn´t the last time this would happen. I am at my final two weeks of school and I am soooo stressed out and suuuper busy.

But on Tuesday I celebrated my 17th birthday and I thought I´ll make a little PHOTO DIARY POST from that day. It was one of those better days I had receantly so ...
I spent that day in school, with my friend and then with my parents. We had a little chat, we ate a b-day cake that my mummy made for me and then I got a few presents. Nothing too special but still really nice and USEFUL ! :) And then I went back to studying. YAY :D But I can´t complain of course.
Then I am also having a little party on saturday with 3 of my besties so THAT would be FUN :D Get ready for pix from that in this weekends special :)
I am not going to write any more crap and I would rather let you see those pix :) So here you go .....

This is basicly what I wore in the school...comfy but kinda nice and I had my hair braided through the night.
 I guess I was a bit excited....
 my yuuummmyyy fruity cake that my mummy made
these r basicly my presents from my parents and my sis
rocking new jumper my Sis gave me
And that is it.  :) I hope you enjoyed the beggining of your week. I hope the rest will be even better. I´ll get back to you on friday with another post:) Hopefuly fashion related this time since todays one is lifestyle post.
Love you & thanks for reading :)
DeniVev :*

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