OOTD: Lets pretend I am a freezed Sailor

12:09 PM

Hello ! :)
Today was a really nice and relaxed day. I enjoyed it SOOO much ! :) I had a concert at the morning where I played and took a pictures. I spent a nice time with my friend. And then I hear a LOT of great news ! :)
Really cool day :) How was yours day?! Let me know in the comments bellow.
Today I also went to one meeting and this is basicly what I wore. A few days ago I made a schedual and today its OOTD time so HERE YOU GO !!! :)
Hope you enjoy and until wednesday have a great week :)
DeniVev :*

 Shirt: SecondHand, Sweater: GATE
 Jeans: F&F
 Coat: Takko Fashion, Scarf: Markets
Bag: Local Boutique, Shoes: Deichmann

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