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 I have been thinking about people and the way they dress up a lot lately and I realised that not everyone knows how to dress up appropriately for the occasion. I have people around me that would come up for a smart and serios meeting in polo shirt, sneakers and dark jeans thinking they are sooo super dressed up. Well they are NOT. Even people who are not interested in the fashion should know what to wear to different occassions. Thats why I looked up how to be appropriataly dressed up and made this little "manual" with tips for you.

In the real world and in the fashion world (not like that is not a real world)  there are  a few codes that you should be aware of, if you ain´t want to be that weirdoooo for the rest of your career. These codes can be also used on the invitations if you want your guests to be dressed any special way. Of course they are usually not used between school kids or people that are just not from higher class, but.....

For me prepairing for a party or any social meeting is ALWAYS stressfull, because of the clothes. I am nervous if I am dressed up enough or is it over the top?!?! I am never sure :/ It would be really cool if we would be inviting people for parties with a little CODE that tells you what to wear. Wouldn ´t it be great ?! You won´t be so nervous about it then :)

1. Casual 
     I think that everybody knows what that means but.... Its that type of clothing you usually wear to school or around town. In my case its usually combination of jeans, shirt, sweater and flats or sneakers. You are basicly not wearing yoga pants or sweats like you do at home but you are comfy and good looking.

2. Business Casual
    Here you have already a few rules! You do have here a word casual, but its not meant any way too serios alright?! You should wear a top or blouse, thats is not see through and in classic white or black color. If you are one of those extravagant types then alright put on a colorfull one but be carefull! Don´t go way too over the top ! :) Then you can put on pants or also a skirt. Skirt should NOT be short. The best is like knee lenght or like 5 centimeters under the knee. You can add a blazer or a trench coat. But be carefull with accesories and jewelry. Try to make it simple. Less is more. Maybe a watch and earrings would be enough.
3. Smart Casual
This is probably the most likely one. In this case you can use a fantasy and creativity, but jeans and dirty sneakers are not the best idea for sure. Prints and logos of brands on the shirt are not allowed :D A shirt with collar is GREAT choice! You can go for nice casual outfit with a little bit of elegance in it. Also keep in mind that accesories and jewelry can do a magic and they can completely change your look. So you should probably play with that.
4. Business/ Informal
Or also known as Lounge Suit/ Coctail Dress. This is a moment where you can thank god for little black dress. They are probably the BEST piece for this kind. But you can deffinitelly use a creativity and go for something special just as I would :) But don´t do too much so you don´t break the "rules" :) In the high society this is know as informal but that doesn´t mean there are no rules! Dress can be short, like 5 centimeters above knees or longer max 5cm above ankles. And then you just have to play with the jewellry and all that jazz to make look alright.

5. Black Tie
This is all about gowns ladies! :) And thats where all the rules are. Gown should be long allll the way to the floor and it has to be made out of a qualite material. Maybe a silk, chiffon, velvet or also brocade. Shes are also pretty important ! Sandals would be perfect or any shoes with opened toe. Then Jewelry...it should be the best part I guess. Maybe you can go for the BEST you own. That would hopefully do its great job :)

So that is it from me for today I guess :) I hope that these tips and pix would help you. If not today maybe in the future. Trust me if you live a good social life, then knowing these dress codes is super helpfull :) Even I realised that I should have change up some of my outfits I wore in the past :)
Have a nice week ladies (gentleman?! ;) ) and until friday GOODBYEEE :)
DeniVev :*

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  1. Hi this was very useful! thanks!
    I was wondering if you could post some photos of the bad dresed people in your town and explain their mistakes.
    Watchin ya darlin :*
    Stay well

    1. Thanks for your nice words :) It made my day :) I was actually thinking about doing a post similar to your recommend, so keep checking in for it :)
      DeniVev :*


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