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Hello there ! :) 
Today I´ve got here something NEW ! I LOVE cooking and so I decided to make a post showing you one of my favorite cakes. You are NOT baking in this case, its light and refreshing. And really TASTY ! :) And it is SUPER easy and quick !!! So if you like to cook, eat and invite friends over for a good dessert this is PERFECT recipe for YOU ! So Lets see.....
You will need:
- biscuits
- 1 package of curd
- 1 package of spreading butter classic
- powdered sugar
- i like to use food coloring
- whipping cream   
How to make: 
 First: Choose a bowl of your choice and lay down biscuits
 Second: Mix a curd with butter and sugar (use as much sugar as you like) and then put half of the mixture on biscuits
 Third: Lay down another layer of biscuits
 Fourth: mix a colour into the curd mixture a make next layer
 Fifth: Make a whipped cream and make a final layer
Sixth: If you want you can decorate the top. I used a smashed biscuits. They actually made a great texture with a whipped cream as it was cold and "rested"

What do you think ?! Are you going to try it?! You should because it really does taste amazing at the end. This is a cake I can make whenever I want and I am always sure it would make me happy :D
If you try it maybe you can take a picture of it and send it to my facebook page DeniVev and don´t forget to LIKE this page whilst you´re there ! :)
Have a nice day !! :)
Deni Vev :*

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