Welcome to the colorful world of Maya. I have mentioned this lady before. I showed you photos of her, that I took, before. This time I am bringing you few new shots.
Very colorful, street or urban if you prefer and very happy.
That is what I want to quickly mention.
I met this lady about a year ago. sweet mummy came to a barbershop I worked at, to get her undercut shaved and shaped up. Nothing extra unusual bout that. Half a year later we realized, that somebody up there (god, goddess, matrix etc) wants us to be mates. We had mutual friends, hobbies and liked similar stuff. Also hated pretty much the same things too , which usually brings people closer then the first few points I made would. She has always been pretty positive person but it felt like something was missing.
Recently she became to understand herself fully and opened up to everyone about who she really is. Started being 100 % herself and guys, I have never seen a happier lady. She seems more confident, positive, comes out of her shell more. Well at least easier. I don' t have to beg her to give up netflix and come out with me now.
This little (and I mean little :P) human showed me how happy one can be when they are true to who they are and share it with the close once. I always knew this was a way but seeing her closely like this, it touched me more then anybody else' s journey.
Now before I make this cheesier then I already did, Let ' s see those crazy nice pics I took of her. Oh and don't forget to take in the positivism of them.

Lesson here?! Make sure you stay honest, true to who you are and dont be scared of sharing with others. Only more love and happiness comes your way if you do so.

Check more of Maya here. 

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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