The most sentimental human

I am sure I could win an award for most sentimental person. I don´t like throwing away gifts or souvenirs or little things from childhood. I only get like a day in a month where I don´t care and can get rid off anything so I use those days to clean out my place hahah. But it isn´t just the classic stuff. I have all the photos and videos I ever made. Even videos for youtube. They are all up on my channel just privated cause I don´t want them gone haha. So I decided to browse few of my photos and find some from this time of a year -june- from years ago.

June is obviously beginning of summer so it has always been the ending of school, start of holidays, sunny days, fun and friends kinda time. And It is my birthday on 11th of June so that is another fun thing haha.
Picture above is from when I turned 16. I´m pretty sure haha. This was a sleepover at my besties and she made a cake and all. It was real fun time for us. I remember whenever I been round we had workout evenings, hair makeover (since her mum is hairdresser), movies, baking and all the fun stuff teenagers do lol.

This was one of my all time favorite trips, holidays, memories and experiences. I was freshly 15 and my sister was turning 19 soon. That is why out grandma decided to take us to Italy for little holiday. We were so happy and excited. We saw Rome, Napoly, Pompey, Vesus, Capri, Sorrento... This was the holiday that made me fall in love with Italy, especially Sorrento.

And this is pretty clearly my 5 year old mini me. How cute was I?! haha. I know I always woke up as little feeling like it is Christmas. You know those little excited butterflies. Loved it x

Okay so this was my 17th birthday and my hair was clearly longer then it is now haha. Oh and I have no clue what we are doing on this pic haha. I just love the randomness of it. Just a classic momento of me and my bestie haha.

And one of my best birthday celebrations. Trip to budapest with two of my besties for my 18th. Absolutely loved it. We wandered, ate, danced, laughed, enjoyed each others company not knowing I´ll leave them to live in England. Loved it.

And there are so many more.
Would you like me to share some more pics that were never seen?!
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest

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