Rush Out the Door

Rush out the door! Now! that should be a #hashtag for all my outfits lately. I have been "flying round" whole Liverpool lately. Work, friends, me time, college, family.... Combining all of that is pretty hard sometimes. So you can imagine the outfits I create lately haha. So it was hard for me to shoot them for you to show what I have been loving to wear lately.

But then hey... this is a personal blog for all classic everyday women who are just like me. Flying all over the place. So a few days ago I decided to just start taking quick snaps of my outfits (on the phone cause my hot red camera decided to give up on me- again) and share them.
Oh by the way- the fact that I wear the same colors all the time has been so helpful! No problem with matching since everything in my closet matches haha. 
Okay, I literally just edited these photos together and you can so see, I finally found my style. Just give me some black, white and blue basic pieces, bit of denim, stripes, loads of sunnies and I am a happy flower child hahha. Oh my god I love this. 
 Oh this is actually pretty funny. Looks like I made a certain uniform for myself haha.
Do you have any pieces you can´t stop wearing? Do you also have a "uniform" ?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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