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African Oye festival is now a traditional event in Liverpool. Every june -i think haha- loads of people gather in Sefton park to enjoy african music -from traditional tribe sound to new talented rappers- as well as food, buy home made houseware, clothes, accessories, enjoy sun and time with friends. Last year I went with my dad and we had surprisingly a lot of fun so this time around I wanted to take him again. Later on I met up with my friends and I so recommend doing fun stuff like this with your bunch. 
 I would recommend if possible bring your drinks and food to festivals. It is so much cheaper and easier. Also girl...waiting in line for toilets?! You crazy? Why do you think you´re in nature? haha Tmi?!
 oh and make sure to have some fun stuff with you like accessories, scarfs, blankets, cameras, ... you have no idea how many conversations with strangers can come up. Me and my mates we always end up with loads of pics with strangers too haha. Oh and please think of some sun protections in summer! haha . I know i sound like your mum but I did learn from bad experiences haha. Head covers, sunnies and sun creams! xx
As far as my outfit goes I had no clue what to wear. The weather was being so weird. Looked like it will rain for five minutes and in next five it was boiling hot and sunny. So I got ready for anything haha. Shirt was best find in Primark for forever now, Shorts are DIYed from old Primark jeans. I wore these tights with hearts cause not only I like them but they had little hole at back of them and for events like this I dont like wearing brand new nice once. I rather have something I will throw out anyways haha. Vans sneakers are comfiest thing ever, layered up with H&M sweater that broke up the black look. Oh and it keeps you warmer in case of need. I also had a big but thin scarf in my ASOS backpack. I learned to carry scarfs like that around cause they keep you warm like blanket if you get cold but also you can use it to sit on. Mine lets 3 people to fit on comfortably so yay. Oh the sunnies are last years from New Look I believe. 
 So much fun! Have you been to this festival? Are you planning on going to some? Where would you recommend me and my friends to go?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :* 

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