Give it another Chance

There are many occasions in life when you are thinking of giving something or someone another chance. I usually decide not to. But when it comes to fashion, clothes, bags or shoes. Yes please!
Am a big not only bargain hunter and sales enthusiast but also secondhand or thrift shop lover. I find it amazing when you find something original, unique, homemade, vintage, old trends, trends coming back... for so cheap. All I did today at my local charity shop was danced. Yes! I actually did my happy dance at the changing room.

First piece that caught my eye is actually something I have been on a hunt for. I wanted a beautiful A-line midi skirt forever. Also having a style that would go with heels but also trainers aint easy. Oh and the price. There is no way I´d spend 40 quid on that stunning skirt I saw at H&M. And then I saw it. My size. My color. My length. My flippin price! 1.95 ladies and gents. That is how I do.
Then there was this dress. Lovely material. Black obviously. First tought that ran through my mind was "perfect for my trip to Prague at the end of month!" and when I saw it was only 3 pounds and my size- I was sold!
And last piece, just as I was browsing through store I started checking out bags. When I go thrifting I am looking for something I havent seen on anyone lately. I mean sometimes I go to charity shops and half of the bags is from Primark or River Island. Now there is nothing wrong with that but I know half of Liverpool already owns that bag. So I´m checking for something unique.
Ans I saw it. Made in Italy. Clutch but has secret strap inside. Causal but also fancy. 1.95. Bingo!
(I know the quality of photo is horrible haha)
I can´t wait to style these pieces a bit more so I can show you many ways of styling the. And that way showing why I love them so much!
Do you go thrift shopping? Charity shops, second hands, vintage stores...
Did you find any bargains lately?!
Let me know
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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