Make them remember you

Every year I tell myself the same thing. With every season I remind myself of same promises I made with myself. Be brave, take risks and put yourself out there. Make them remember you. And I fail every damn time. I always try to me more then I already am in everything, wether it´s relationships -dating, family or friends- work and college or fashion. I want to be remember for wearing that bright coat! I never do it though. I want him to think of me the minute he wakes up. I want the family to be proud. To be fair I am in a stage of life where I can cross out or make a big thick tick by family and dating. I have sure as hell progressed in my work and studies and still am going there and killing it. So what is left?! Fashion!

 I need to stop being boring. Now! Am not going to wait till end of year to make some resolutions we never actually make a reality. I am going to bring these photos and my inspirations IRL for me. 
 What bout you?! Do you have the balls to pull off anything you see in stores, on runways or them celebs wear?! Let me know or send me on insta.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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