Hair Trends for Fall 2016 by Loreal

As a hairstylist and still a hair student I get a lot of opportunities to educate the crap out of me. In my college we work with L´oreal and ever since I started using their products I was sold. I feel like it really is one of the best brands you can use. And their trends and education is always on point. 
That is why ,whenever I get a chance to be a part of their presentation or demonstration I make sure I am there and I definitelly stick around till the end.
This time I have seen a new take on balayage and technique called strobing. I will make sure to write about this in a bit or perhaps make a new post on it.

Right now I want to share the biggest trends for fall and winter that L´oreal nicely summed up for all of us. I mean you might have already seen them, especially if you are a hair and fashion freak like me and you were keeping up with all of the fashion weeks.

First of something we all wear, do and see since we were a kid... Ponytails. Lower and messier the better. It is all about keeping it natural and giving it that "I did this in a second" kinda vibe. The main change this season is making the top part look really smooth, soft, shiny, smoothened on the scalp with almost wet look. The rest is kept really natural. They you just go ahead and personalise by hiding a tie, twisting it round... Get creative, "wet" and messy. My favorite is the middle style by Prabal Gurung. Very simple and easy everyday kinda pony I can see a lot of my clients would appreciate.
Yes! It is back. I am sure all the 90´s kids are screaming with excitement inside- well I know I am- because cremping is back! On the runways we saw two types of cremping- crazy editorial styles and more of a wearable everyday kinda look. Yes Gucci did go a bit over board with crempped sides and wet top in ponytail but I am sure I will be recreating Vanessa Sewards voluminous style. Accessrories are a must as well ladies and gents. I actually know I will try to push this one to my clients for their night outs in next couple of weeks.
As I used to be one of those tiny little ballerinas in tou-tou skirts, my inner child is doing her pirroutte everytime I see a comeback of simple Ballerina Buns. I think we had enough of those donut stuffed fake bird nests- my personal opinion- and it is time to bring it back to elegant and sleek bun. You could have seen celebrities rock them on last couple of events. Rooney Mara for example rocked few buns lately too, looking oh so classy and dreamy. I have seen Hugo Boss brough ver simple hairdo that any of us could rock to work, school or around the kids. Valentino did a double take that would give you the cutest young feel.
Volume. More the better. I am actually getting this 80' s feel from this. Really singing ABBA at back of my head as I go through these photos. Maybe when you look at the versions by Gucci you got actually adapt them to IRL and be amazing. But I do feel like the look Karlie Kloss was supossed to rock at Jeremy Scotts runway is something you see almost every Saturday night round midnight ha. 
Personally I am in love with this style. Gives me such androgynous vibe and I am all bout that. I actually remember being 14 I think trying out these styles myself. There is just something bout it. And the version by Giorgo Armani's hairstylists is so my favourite. Always reminds me of  Rihanna in her We found love video. The french pleat is just becoming a timeless style.
As I mentioned at beginning biggest part of styles is very effortless and messy looking although it takes ages to create. In this trend they mixed this style with something that Dolce and Gabanna or Alexander McQueen did for ever now. Adding Headpieces! Do not be scared of them. It really is so much fun and personally I find it crazy how much it can change the whole look. Not just hair but whole outfit,
20' s had always been an inspiration but now they are getting added to two other trends... Effortless look and wet look. Not easy to master these 20' s waves but once you get to it, you will be creating them over and over. As a hairstylist I find so much of a weird satisfaction when I nail the style haha. Gucci is closest to my preference to be honest - picture in middle- although I can see some ladies rock first style to office or special event. It is nice change from all the Hollywood waves we seen lately.
Wake up all you extension lovers, because in case you aint got that natural rapunzel lenght, you will love adding hundreds of extensions. Longer the better. All about XXL lenght. Just make sure you keep it natural, shiny, straight and smooth looking, alright?! 
I already mentioned this one - the Wet look. Sleek, very onto the scalp, keeping everything out of face to bring focus right there whilst looking oh so rock n' roll. It is actually surprising what this hairstyle does with your confidence. It feels like sudden confidence boost. It adds this lady power or something, I really can' t explain. You can also adjust how rock n roll  or classy you want it to be. Louis Vuitton (middle) is more of a wearable and casual look whilst Saint Laurent is strong and very rock. Full of edge making sure the focus is on smokey eyes.
Yes ladies, I know we were all trying to grow them out for ages now, but they are back! Fringes! In any shape, form, length, thickness, colour... If you like the retro short, feathered, mini, xxl thick and chunky.. It is all here for our pleasure. Yet again. Let's see how many of us will suddenly rock them Anna Steel, Zoey Deschannel or Hayley Williams frames round our faces.
Something that will never possibly leave are plaits and braids. Any type in combination with anything. It is pretty amazing tho how you can switch them to any style you want to be and wear them to all events imaginable. Probably most versatile way of styling. This time you could see them on almost every catwalk. My personal fave is actually pictured and it is on Sally Lapointe' s runway (right). Such tiny little twist to classic low braid but I am really digging it.
I am a big fan of framing a face with curtains. I haven' t met many people or clients who would not suit them. Slicked curtains might not be my choice of styling but I understand this combination with previously mentioned wet look trend. Mugler had probably most wearable option. The rest I saw all over internet was more of editorial work. Not something I would choose to wear to lunch with my nan haha.
There were definitelly more little things I saw on runways. Designers and stylists keep coming up with such crazy combinations. But to be honest these few are the once you really could somehow include in your everyday routine and style. I would definitelly try some.
What was your favorite show? Any hair prefences?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

p.s. photos are from Vogue

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