Life of an Adult aka Insta Update

Adulthood! Oh how I wanted to get to this stage of a life. I guess we all spent our childhood dreaming about that perfect life we will finally get to once we turn 18 and become adults.
Oh, how I miss being a proper child and having only one responsibility! Going to school! These last few weeks had been a maaaassive change for me as I already mentioned in last couple of posts. That makes me think about the life I had and about the boredom my life used to be.
I just felt like putting these few words down to see them myself and now I am starting to realize, I couldn´t be any happier with a stage I am at right now. I am building my own life/carrier and it all depends just on me. I am slowly getting used to every part of adulthood and I am loving it!
And these few upcoming photos show how I have been struggling last few days to look alive and my bed was literally my best friend.

How is your life?! I hope you are having the best time ever!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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