My Loves from January 2015

As it is beginning of February it is only fair that I did January favorites on my YT channel, right?! And in case you have seen any of my previous videos you know very well that I speak about one thing just waaaay too much, so I though I´ll do a part of my favs in a video and the rest here. Sounds more then good and fair, doesn´t it?!
Magic in The Moonlight with Emma Stone and Colin Firth
Emma and Colin! Love them to pieces, love the era that story was in, takes place in France and Woody Allen has directed it. Is there something not to love about it?! I DO NOT think so. 
Eat, Pray and Love with Julia Roberts
Now I know that this is not the newest movie ever, but I never got to watch the whole thing. I read the book, loved it but never made my way to watch the movie. No I did and I am sooo... Great story, amazing actors, food, traveling... I mean the best movie to watch when you struggle in life.
I have been kind of into totally different topics then I was before and there are definitely different things that interest me lately. Don´t know what caused my change but I feel like I am getting old and that might just be it ahaha.
I know Arden Rose for yeears and she hit one milion subscribers lately, which is sooo cool.
Arden is one of those who has always been natural and never set what her videos really are about. When she feels like filming a talky video she does, when she want to be a beauty guru-SHE IS! Staying true to herself and others. Plus her LOB hairstyle is sooo adorable .
Fleur De Force is one of my TOP 5 youtubers ever. She has just launched a book that I am so excited to put my hands on and I am sure you are too.
Fleur is one of those more mature vloggers (btw she is daily vlogging in February) and youtubers that are so on earth even though almost everyone knows them. Oh and her puppies are just to die for ahah.
And in case you like a bit of "lets kill our time" kind of videos" then BuzzFeed ´s video channel is the one to go for. I have spent just waay too much time watching them !
There is one single blog this month that I would like to mention and it is A Cup Of Joe! This is a blog written by Joanna Goddard that lives in New York with her super cute family. Her blog is about everything a woman can be interested in, which is what I am trying to do with mine as well. Every article is worth reading!
Internet Stuff:
I have been on Pinterest so much in this last month. I have a feeling like I should just go to rehab cause I could spend hours and hours browsing on there and pinning anything from inspiration quotes, fashion, beauty, hair all the way through lovely men, my idols to places I want to see one day. Obsessed!
What have you been obsessed with?! Is there anything you feel like we all should know about?! Feel free to pop it into comments bellow .
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest,
DeniVev :*

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