What is going on?!

I have been through A LOT of changes since 2015 has started. Flew from Slovakia to UK, got a place at this bloggers meet up that is coming up soon, got a job, made some great contacts thank of my youtube and blog and I feel more mature and independent now. I feel like I am finally putting my life back together after a long time.
My last half a year has been full of new stuff. I had new experiences, met a lot of people, had to start life in a new country and by the end of a year I had no idea what I want, where I am going and who I am. Now I feel like the pieces of my puzzle are finally getting back together and I can start a new positive chapter of my life.

As I have mentioned, I found a job that I really enjoy and I am happy to have. People at work see something in me that I never thought I really have until they showed it to me. They are all incredibly helpful and inspirational people and I am blessed I can have them in my life. 
Yeah, all of that sound amazing right?! But unfortunately my job takes up basically whole day and I am left absolutely shattered. I basically feel like this....
 And that is exactly why I didn´t have enough time for my blog lately. I have really wanted to make February  a really special one since it is my 5 blog-oversary. YES! FIVE years of blogging! Can you even believe that?! 
Oh and a few weeks ago - after I flew back to UK - it got so cold here! There was also a snow in some parts, which doesn´t usually happen. And then it started to rain, freeze and all that fun stuff. And I have been getting up eeearly going to work and dark and going back home at dark too. I have evidence if you ain´t believe me ahah.
See! I had soo much fun lately! ahaha How was your life lately?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest ! 
DeniVev :*

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