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I don´t think that it is necessary for me to talk about me and my hair for anyway too long. We all know how much I change my hair and I play with the tone of them etc. That is how I am and probably always will be. I get bored with my hair so quickly. And I like to experiment.

There was this concrete thing or change I had on my mind for a long time and I haven´t been sure about it. I wasn´t brave enough to go for it and I didn´t want to be even weirder at school then I already was. :D
Then I decided -as you could see- to take a little baby steps and try chalk colors. I went a bit funky with it and had pink, orange also purple color. I LOVED it! So as I got used to it and all my friends said I should go for it and not be too scared I did. After all -you only live once- right?! And you are young only once as well! And this is what happened.

I called my hairdresser that I want something different then usual! ♥I WANT PINK/LILAC HAIR♥. We came up with an idea that I felt like it is not going to work. Then we made another one and that was it. There was no going back.
This is what I had on my mind when I called her... -I wanted to have lighter pink with a bit of lilac in my hair. Or if possible I wanted something that Brooke White had done some time ago - lilac roots with a splash of pink in her blonde hair and as you go to the ends of hair it changes into more vibrant pink in an ombre effect.-
Then after discussion we realized that she just does not have colors that would make my hair look like THAT so we thought of something braver then I expected! More PINK and blonde, like really blonde at the roots. Something you could see Demi Loveto with about 2 years ago or what Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) is still rocking. BUT on me...
So I sat down. My lovely hairdresser mixed bleach and we started with that since my roots were still pretty dark.
Then we mixed the colors. Blonde, pinky-orange-red, pink-purple. I was scaaaared :D
And then we ran water through them and the I SAW MYSELF in the mirror. OH MY! I have never been so shocked, frustrated, confused and .... wow....REALLY! I pretty much hated myself at that moment. My first thoughts "Am I crazy?! I ruined my hair! I want my blonde locks back!" and then my hairdresser started drying them out and playing with them and I was like "wait it is cool! different! Braids would look great with this!" And I felt in love. Still unsure what I am going to do with it and how I am going to walk on streets with hair like THAT but I liked it. Definitely would prefer my first idea and then go for this to keep my baby steps in order, but now that the color got lighter after a few washes I am more then happy. I could imagine having darker blonde on the roots since I am not used to my hair being so light but oh my. So different ahahah
Then I took a few selfies on the way home ....
and a few after....
and then just a few more....
What do you think of my new ´do?! Have you thought of doing something like this? Do you already have your wild color on? Let me know....
And until next time....
Keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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