Trying new things

Hello beautiful faces!
As you have probably already realized I am not the most colorful person. I mean....I ain´t wear a lot of different colors. But I said YES to one super bright piece at store a few weeks ago....And this is how simply and not so bravely I wear it.
 Isn´t it just way too much for me?! I love them it is just that I am sooo not used to something like that :D But I have to say they are suuuper duper comfortable!
And here you can see how simple I keep my make-up lately. The weather here where I live is going from super hot and dry to really wet, so my face has no idea what to adapt to. Thats why I keep it foundation free, add a bit of blush, brows, mascara a lip balm with spf. That is it.

And this is what happened after taking those first pics.....
Girls NIGHT FUN :D ahaha
 How is your life? I hope you are enjoying to the fullest! Are already going back to school? Let me know :)
DeniVev :*

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