Fall in Love with Each Other

why not....we can have crushes, right? As many as we want. And I do. We ALL DO! And today I decided to share my female AND male crushes with you.
These celebrities are my favs and there is something about them that makes me go WOW what a pretty creature. I also love how talented they are as actors and actresses or singers. Also their charity activities and help/ love for animals is amazing! Some of these also have a GREAT dance moves that I WISH I had too :/ I don´t. Anyways....

I made a list of the celebs I have a little crush on or I wish I was at least little bit like them. This way I´ll might give you a little idol or inspiration. A person who you can look up to or dream about. :D Here are my loves.....
Barbara Palvin 
 Queen B - BEYONCE
 Blake Lively
 Caity Lotz
 Cara Delevingne
 Elizabeth Olsen
 Emily Beth Rickards
 Emma Watson
 Kristen Stewart
and obviously we need MEN in our lives don´t we?!... these are the ones I could look at and here them talk ... for pretty long time if not forever :P
Chace Crawford
 Colton Haynes
 Dave Franco
 Kellan Lutz
 Nick Bateman
 Prince Harry
 Zac Efron
so...do you have any others who you wished were included here? Let me know in the comments bellow and until next time
Keep Safe and Live your life to the fullest !
DeniVev :*

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