Pink, Funny and Sunny

Hello Lovely Faces!
I thought that it is time for another instagram update to show how funny, sunny and pink my life has been in last few weeks. Shall I?
Plus I thought I´ll conect it with a little july favorites, because I don´t have that many new favs from july to make a video about it but there are a few things I do want to share so...

 NEWS! Me and My sister- we are food lovers! We love to eat food, cook, bake and even just look at it. Also going for drink and caffe is our thing and so we came with an idea. We made our own FoodBlog!
So now you won´t probably see a lot of DeniVevsCooking posts, but you can always go and find something new on www.deka-licious.blogspot.com  and see the yummiest food and the best tricks and tips.

July Favorites!
 I got these sweets from one of my friends and I have to say that I became a little obsessed. So if you are planning to try them make sure you don´t eat a hole box in a day! It is pretty hard to say no :/ But they are soo good :)
 I have mentioned those black aviators last month, but I still wear them like....A LOT... and in case I give them a break I have my new babies on.
 I like trying different drinks, new ice teas or waters with unusual tastes. SO I tried this firefly natural drink with Kiwi,Lime and Mint. Oh my! SO refreshing, not sweet but also not too Lime-ish so it wasn´t sour. YUM !
I have a thing for huge statement necklaces and I am trying to make a nice collection of them. This time I bought one from Sheinside and EVERYONE loves it. Not only me! I get so many compliments on it . It is almost crazy. And yeah I think I wore it like almost every day since I got it shipped. 

I am addicted to "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX...energetic and fun
Sia is great musician and her Chandelier is a super bomb
Zella Day is a NEW artist in my playlist and I already felt in love with two of her songs and it is No sleep to Dream and East of Eden 
And then George Ezra... thaat voice... I decided to choose only one song of this genius and it is Budapest

I feel like sharing my bloggers/youtuber of the month as well.... sounds good doesn´t it? 
Sammi from BeautyCrush 

Zoe from Zoella

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse

Jemma from CupcakeJemma and Jamie Olivers FoodTube

And that is it for today I believe! i hope you enjoyed and that I gave you some inspiration or tips. 
Until nest time keep safe and life your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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