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Today I felt like sharing a few of my celebrity fashion crushes with you. This way I want to show you how easy it can be to look great, fashionable and chic just by wearing a few simple basic clothing pieces.
Most of these celebrities are really wearing only pieces that we all should have in our closet so I hope that after this post non of us would stand in front of our wardrobe thinking: "I have NOTHING TO WEAR!", "This shirt is too simple...", "These jeans don´t go with those heels" oooor anything else.

 Anne Hathaway
This is what I would describe as Parisian chic meets USA
 Ashley Tisdale
Ash is a typical California girl. She mixes girly, young and fresh style with a bit of edgy feel and it always works perfectly
 Barbara Palvin
Oh my favourite Hungarian giiirl ahah ;) I like how super easy and comfy her outfits are. Plus these are usually clothes you can find for prettty cheap
 Cara Delevigne
Our cray cray Cara. She ALWAYS surprises. But what I love the most about her is that she ain´t care about what others wear and if she is going to stand out or not- Cara wears what SHE feels good and herself in. All women wear gowns for red carpet? Well I am going to wear a blazer and pants...why not?! 
 Demi Lovato
She is a fan of a really small colour scale but it doesn´t mean that her outfits are anyway boring or simple... ladies feel inspired
 Elizabeth Olsen
MY queen of simplicity.... such a cute basic pieces as skinny bottoms, shirt, flat shoes and any amazing coat... and voila..CHIC
 Emma Watson
I would describe Emma as a girl that does not have a specific style. She likes to try new things and it always works. Just don´t be afraid and experiment a little!
 Julliane Hough
Who cares about how many times you wear one pair of shoes or a scarf, or a bag. You like it? Doesn it look good with those jeans and top you have in your closet for years?! Put it on and rock it! Simple yet pretty
 Lauren Conrad
Any outfit can look fantastic with a pair of wonderful shoes.
 Nikki Reed
If you are scared about what colours are good together...just put on simple one coloured outfit and add ONE piece that would stand out OR go for tone in tone - just as Nikki does
 Perrie Edwards
Less really IS more in most of the cases. You don´t have to wear tones of jewellery or accessories. If you put on one printed or patterned clothing piece you don´t need any other special details to look great
 Whitney Port
Queen of blazers, coats and cardigans. It is great to invest in these because if you choose the right one it can save any of your outfits .. basically

And this post is NOT only for women. I want to share a few of my fav fashionista-men with you so If your boyfriend, dad or brother thinks that he simply can´t look COOL- He is not right!!!
 Colton Haynes, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling
There are a few things that -I think- every man should remember and try (if he didn´t already obviously!) . A pair of Ray Ben sunnies is kinda a must have for those sunny days. They suit almost everyone and they add a little something to every look. Don´t be afraid of denim and leather. Goes with everything and you will surely look handsome as never. And don´t be scared of patterns! Find something you like and in colours that you think that suit with your skin colour the most and .... there you gooo :) 

I hope that todays post DID help you. If not I hope that you at least appreciate those hot guys at the end :D Now do me a favour and don´t ever say that you don´t know what to wear, because you CAN create a WONDERFULL look with almost anything ! 

DeniVev :*

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  1. Wow I love this! I love the casual yet chic look that the celebrities are rocking out. We are in winter here and I cant wait to try styling some outfit inspired from this post! Great read!