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One thing I love the most about writing a blog is seeing our little family grow. Three years ago we turned into huge group and I have never been prouder of any of my other projects. Since then I knew every member of the fam kept coming back and showing love and support I appreciate. These days we still grow and I constantly get surprised by how many people are still interested in reading my rants. And as I am sure many of you have no clue how it all started and who I actually am, i will sum it up for you today and I'll answer few questions people asked me in order to get to know me. If you would like consider this as getting to know your new friend.

It all started in 2010. Back when there were only few ladies known for writing about fashion and noone knew that blogging can be actual career. Sweet Lady Lollipop was still just high school student like me, A cup of Style was all about Lucy and Chiara Ferragni was a solo and one lady blog and not a world known brand. Few years later there thousands maybe milions of girls and boys trying to make it and fight for readers. I loved fashion. Reading fashion magazines was my religion. If I could I would switch it for Sunday church my mum used to take me to. As I always wanted to get into fashion industry either as designer or journalist I figured a blog would be great idea to get this love out my system. As my friends neither sister shared same obsession I figured maybe someone on internet will. So DeniVev was born.

Back when this was best quality and selfie I could take-using my phone- I shared articles from fashion magazines, my outfit ideas put together on polyvore.com or my very very sad and too casual outfits. -my mom used to shop for me so I dressed like a 40 year old with no sense of what figure and right fit means. Later on I grew, my english got much better -which I do believe the blog helped me with as I kept trying to write everything here in english- fashion still nothing famous and I was still in high school. My theme grew from fashion into fashion and lifestyle. You could read bout music, traveling, life, boys, friendships, recipes and places I recommended to see.

It was all getting nice form and shape considering I was barely 17. By 18 I had high number of readers which kept me motivated. I never wanted to become famous or do this as full time job. I do have too many hobbys -including my current job- to settle for just writing haha. I did actually create a YouTube channel which got attention of people round world. Before I knew it I made internet friends in England, Ireland, Canada, France, Texas, Nashville, Spain etc. Felt like I had little online family.
As I turned 18 I moved to England. I never been happier and prouder of my blog. All of my friends in Liverpool were bloggers and I had a chance to attend events I never thought of. Then life happened. Jobs and college. Turn of career and here I am. Hairstylist, writer, blogger, amateur photographer, hobby model, music and travel enthusiast.
7 years later and still going strong and loving my tiny little space where I share rants on anything a modern woman can be interested in. Plus I do have a lot of plans I know you all will be interested about.
That pretty nicely answers question: How did you even get into blogging?

Another thing I get asked a lot would be:
Who helped you to create the visual of the blog? 
Noone. Everything you ever saw (except for few photos my friends took for me) was my work. I spent hours and hours browsing help server and pages to self learn how to deal with my platform. How to make it look as good as possible. I have gone through all pink stage too. Whole blog was this deep dark pink shade with borocco feel, then very scrapbook looking and only then I realized I wanted simplicity and WHITE. There has been a lot of tries and errors for sure.
I even got to help two new starters with their platforms. One on the girls has sadly given up quicker then she got anywhere. Kami from Her Way is still going though!

And onto more of your questions:

How did you cope with big move to foreign country?
Hard! It was hard! I know I was dead excited and saw a lot of opportunities that were ahead. I dreamed of life in England since I was like 9. Think Jamie Oliver and Harry Potter got too into my brain. I remember my first night here though. Reality hit me pretty hard. I landed bout 4 p.m. at John Lennon Airport and by 6 I was standing in the shower with tears coming down my face, thinking what the hell have I just done? Left all my friends, mum, sister, the school I was gonna go to and everything I have known for 18 years . And now I don' t really have a plan for future, no idea where I actually am or what I am going to do to survive. As you can tell I am still alive and happier then ever. Things turned out perfectly. Am in full time job doing something that has been my hobby from nursery. Live in cute flat with the guy I 'kind of really like' and friends who I am super proud of for being themselves and conquering the world.

What are your favorite places in Liverpool?
There is many! And they all have their reasons. For day time definitely visit Leaf on Bold street, Evening time Matou in Pier Head or Cosy Club in L1. In case you feel like staying outside and breathing fresh air, water is real close to my heart. Crosby beach and its neighborhood give me amazing piece. It feels like I am a girl in those old Rosamunde Pilcher movies. But the other side of city has something in store too. Otterspool. Beautiful greenery, lots of people and water. Plus a big sentimental feeling.

Favorite place IN THE WORLD you been?
Well, as much as I loved all the places I traveled to so far. Two stayed deep in my heart. Real deep. So deep I think of spending my pension there one day haha. Sorento and Capri in Italy. Love. I don' t even know what to say about them or how to explain them to you. Its two of the most chilled and stunning places. Just love.

How the hell did you get into hairdressing?! 

Okay, so I did mention I wanted to write and be in the fashion. As these options didn' t seem to work out for me as I planned or would be too expensive , plan B had to be placed. Had to think of something I always loved and could bring me closer to fashion. HAIR! I always did mine and my friends hair. I have been the one for prom hair, braids, colors and first ombres. That meant college was needed to be done and I did apply. I learned so much. I got so hungry for skill and information, I been at college more hours a day and week then home. My own day time classes, I added some evening classes my amazing teacher allowed me to go to and we were lucky enough to have competitions and more. Between two levels I worked in barber shop which sure gave me a lot more skill. Just hungry, hungry and hungry. Thanks to that I got to full time job before I even finished my qualification.. Go me haha

What are the plans for your near future? 5 years or so.
First thing first, I wish to change my location. South on England better get ready for me haha. In 5 years I sure aim to get more salon experience, work with industry greatness and slowly open my business. My more private plans will stay private for now. x

Those would be all questions for now. I did get few suggestions on what to talk about, but these were few actual questions that help to see who I am, where I am and how I got here.
Hope you enjoyed reading through and I' ll talk to you soon again.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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