Fake it Till you Make it

Sometime I get this stupid feeling to go on ebay and go nuts. Buy things I obviously do not need or am unsure of. Like the other day. Why did I think that a fake little Vuitton bag is good idea? I really don' t know. As I was waiting for it to arrive I realized it might look crazy bad and cheap. Yet had little hope. 
And it turned out to be super cute little accessory. I am so glad bout my crazy ebay shopping. I  nail it right every time haha. 
 I seemed to have created this little comfort outfit uniform where I go very monochromatic and add little cute accessories to bring in the style. I found myself go after this exact same outfit on multiple occasions. Comfortable, simple and classssssy. Just like me.

See the cute bag?! Its so lovely. SO cute. Cute! Did I mention its cute?!

 Jeans NEW LOOK, shoes DEICHMANN, shirt FOREVER21, sweater PRIMARK, scarf H&M, sunglasses FOREVER 21

What are your crazy shopping spree websites? Are you just as addicted as me? Any comfy outfit combinations you can' t live without?

Until next time,
Keep safe and live your life to the fullest

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