This was my break. Little time away from big city, work, life and cold weather. Instead I spent time in warm little town with family, enjoyed food and drinks in traditional town festival etc. Nice, cosy and very tumblr-perfect few days. 
I used few days off to also re-design the blog a little. Do you like it? I hope you do! Took me a while haha.
Anyways, all I wanted was to bring a bit of autumn to our little space here and show you how nice my hometown is. Especially through this gorgeous season. Many people despise it. Think its cold, rainy etc. For me it means night comes quicker. I can come home from the street full of warm leaves, unwrap my warm scarf and take sweater off. Light up some spice scented candles and put Gilmore girl' s on. Love it.  You get me.
 This felt way too early for me to be up. Wore real comfy clothes. And as many of us do I went for bulkiest pieces to save room in suitcase. Jacket and dress ZARA, tights and sneakers PRIMARK. Love.

 I realized how much I really love flying. Seeing everything from up there is amazing. Liverpool seems so tiny too.
 I was real pleasantly surprised the second we landed. Already in Budapest I felt the sun heating up my body. So much more energy in me, I' m tellin ya.  

 I was so tempted to get one of these gorgeous balloons. Loved them since the they I first saw them haha. 

 Of course I had to pamper myself a little. Give myself little down time and chill. Had hairdressers appointment to freshen up a little. Felt so good not being the down standing for once haha. 
 As per usual festival and fairs was crazy busy and full of hungry people haha. Lines for days but was worth the wait. This grilled cheese for example... I waited the line about 5 times and still want more as I am writing about it.

 I always have trouble packing somewhere. Making sure I take right amount of clothes for right weather. Trying to be prepared for anything. Whole week before my flight I have been told it real cold in my hometown. But as soon as I get there, feels like summer came back. Was NOT ready for that haha. Happy my sister was willing to hook me up.
 And this was my everyday view. My favorite coffee spot. Makes you feel so nice, going back there, seeing the same people, owners make you feel right at home and coffee is real quality. Also views of those autumnal trees are perfect.

Have you been anywhere nice last couple of weeks? What does autumn look like at your hometown? Are you also obsessed with everything pumpkin spice etc related?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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