Show her around

My mum visited the other day. First time. It was her first time in the UK, in Liverpool, on the beach, in my house, meeting my boyfriend, eating at Nandos, shopping at Primark etc. A lot has gone down in her 4 day stay. Was funny, weird, we were happy and also sad. Was great over all.
I had to snap as much of it all as I could. And you know me. I am not the one to let all of this go to waste, so this is where I' ll properly bomb you with my photo diary. Enjoy.
 What do you think about Liverpool? Have you ever visited? Personaly I am getting bored. Very bored. Wish there was more to do or places to visit.

 I' ll be back to proper blogging soon. Don' t worry.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fulest

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