i have been back

Last week I´ve gone back to my hometown. Wanted to see my mum and sister and of course my besties. I do have to be honest with myself here, I did not feel like I am going home. Not anymore. I do love my hometown. It is where I grew up and what I´d consider my home but still... different feeling. As my friends in Liverpool said I made my new little family here now and that makes it feel like home. Also I can see my future here. So as much as I love my hometown and my family it lost that safe haven feel. Where is my safe haven now?! Well, guess I still need to figure that out.

If you study outside your home or live outside your parents house you might know this feeling. Do I feel like Liverpool is my home then? No. Not the place I live in at the moment anyways. Crazy isn´t it?! Calling two places your home but not feeling like you belong to any of them. It is like I am becoming a nomad haha.
Okay, enough of the seriousness. You know I can´t keep a straight face for long haha. How cool is this sweater? My mum got it for me on first they I came- my packing skills were shit this time- and I wore it almost the whole time there. With leggings, jeans, dress, skirt. Absolute bomb.
How was your week? Did you have spring break or something? Hope you enjoyed it.

so that is it for todays little rumble! I´ll try to be better soon! Having a lot at college at the moment. Just hold on with me ;)
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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