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My everyday make- up routine doesn't change anyway too much. It always has the same basic steps. It is just the products I use that change. And if you know anything about me you know I am a sucker for finding THE best products in the cheapest drugstore lines possible. I mean isn´t it bloody satisfying to find something you love and will use for months and pay total minimum for it?! Ahaha it is to me so. Yeah.

What changed the most in my routine over a year?! I am better in contouring, always do my eyebrows differently trying to get them- as they say- look on point, i am way better in eyeliner then I was and I´m experimenting with lipsticks much more. I basically have different color combo on my lips everyday and get asked bout it by everyone around me.
Nothing I use cost me more then 5 pounds which is pretty awesome and to be honest most of the things are from pound shops or primark or so, so I probably wear 20 quid on my face daily. Not more then that I guess.
MISS BEAUTY make up foundation in shade 2 gives me coverage I need but still leaves me looking natural, And same brand of powder makes sure I am not glowing like a sweat ball. I was actually surprised how long it lasts since it was really just a pound. I contour my cheeks and temples slightly with a matte bronzer by Make Up GALLERY I found again in pound shop. Essence highlighter on my cheek bones brings a bit of light to my face and W7 blush adds "life". As far as eyebrows go I am trying to keep them simple and natural as my hair is pretty light now. So I use essence eyebrow pencil in blonde to fill in gaps and get sharper look and lock everything into place with eyebrow gel I got on sale in PRIMARK. Lasts all day btw! It is boss. I do a bit of shadowing on my eye lids do add some dimension and drama. It is different products every time but I always use P.S. eye shadow from PRIMARK. It is nice matte brown color that gives natural looking shadow.  MISS BEAUTY liquid eyeliner is probably the best thing I ever used. Dries quickly, gives matte finish, lasts all day and night ahah and the applicator is nicely hard and sharp so you can achieve sharp edges. Love it! I can not believe I never tried a MAYBELLINE mascara. Especially this one! My lashes look like I got extensions on. How cool?! ahah And as last I do my lippy. As I mentioned earlier I am experimenting a lot with combinations so if anyone asks me what I´m wearing I tell them like at least 3 different products. Just making lives easier aren´t I?! For this look though I used my Rimmel lip-stain in red. I love this one cause it gives a matte bright red look to your lips, does not smudge, stays on for hours without touching up and looks so kissable ;)

What is your everyday makeup routine?! Is there any products you can´t live without? Did you get any crazy deals lately? Let me know cause I am seriously loving them ahah.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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