The biggest one so far

So I have been trying to write this post for ever now. I also decided that I want it to go up before anything else does because it feels way more special to me then just some tuesday inspiration post I have lined up. But I couldn´t seem to find words. Funny isn´t?! You´d think after 6 years I´d be used to sobbing over my life ahah.

Okay, how do I put into words what it is like to realize you´ve been blogging for bout 6 years?

Am I tired of it sometimes? Yes! Do I loose inspiration and motivation? Yeah! I can´t count the amount of people that asked me why I´m still blogging, why I don´t get paid for this, where I find time for it, if I have any people reading, etc. Did it all bring me down at times?! YES! I had my own family questioning if it is all even worth my time. 

But hey, look at me! 6 years and still going! Why? Because I absolutely love it! It relaxes me. Clears my head, inspires me, puts smile on my face, sometimes even educates me etc.
If you are someone who personally knows me or you have been here with me long enough, you know that I change my mind a lot. I feel different all the time, I like different things every day, not much stays the same and repeated in my life. I explain all that by saying I am a Gemini, Real and true Gemini! So how come I still am here writing these words? I amaze myself you know ;)
I promised myself I won´t go too emotional on you on here this time. I just really wanted to get this out there as a thank you message for everyone who ever been here. Anyone who left comment, said something nice, something mean, motivated me etc.
So here is to next at least what, six year?! Maybe ;)
Who knows.
DeniVev :*

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