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There has always been a rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester. Not only in football but I feel like people felt that way too, the way city runs, clubs, shopping centers, etc.  One of my friends said that these two cities compete in who has better pride march too. Even I felt competitive against them slightly more on hair competition a month ago then I did with anyone else. Guess it is just something in the air.
So obviously I had to visit Manchester- after i lived right next to it for a year and half- and see what the fuss is about! And let me tell you, my brain is so messed now! Not sure what I like more Man or Liv! Both are amazing but there is something bout both, just... hm ahha
 What would I recommend?!
- Manchester Arts Gallery - beautiful painting, real well organized, some of the work caught my eye so much and some I still think bout
- Albert square- if you are a fan of architecture you ´d be in slight heaven
- Manchester Cathedral and Shambles Square - old and beautiful!
- Mr Thomas´s Chop House - loved the vibe of this place, stuff was super friendly and funny, music amazing chilled acoustic covers and any beer you can think of
- Coliseum - I am a sucker for this type of architecture and for some reason I could stand and stare at this old building and have no clue of time

And there are definitely more things to see and places to go. This is just a few that pop up in my head. And to be honest I spend three hours in that pub so :)
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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