Clear head and mind

One of the perks of living by water my whole life was, how quickly I distressed the moment I saw the moving, standing, floating... water. There has always been something bout it that made me so calm. Cleared my head. Made me happier.
Living so far away from things and people I knew since I was born can be hard, but then I grew up walking on riverside and that is something that didn´t change. I live by sea now which somehow has even bigger effect on me.
Whenever I go to Crosby beach or to docks I feel like I am back home. I can almost hear the voice of my mom and friends. I know it might seem weird but I do get homesick and thats what happens when you miss someone so much.

I mean look at the photo above. If that endless water doesn´t calm you down I don´t know what will. And listening to the sounds of nature and families with children playing on beach has to bring you smile. Oh and those cute dogs running round and having time of their lives. Come on!
 I wore my lately go to outfit. Only thing I change up is the hoodie. Sometimes I just wear flannels.
Primark jeans, TK Maxx jacket, C&A shirt, VANS shoes, British Red Cross thrifted bag, Primark sunnies and scarf from boutique in hungary.

 Have you ever live abroad or far from family?! Would you ever do it? Where have you traveled? Let me know cause I need places to add to my "got to see" list.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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