The Prettiest Women on Earth

Since I was a little girl I was told that Slovak women are prettiest once on the whole world. Do I believe it?! Sure! I have to believe in my girls, don´t I?!
But with all honesty and on a more serious note, there really are a lot of stunning and talented ladies in Slovakia that I am proud of. Thank god some of them decided to become bloggers so we can see how amazing day are.
And this is my pick of some of the best...
First things first let me say that there are plenty more beautiful bloggers in Slovakia then these 8. But if I wanted to talk about every single one of them, well, I´d be sat here writing forever. That is why I have chosen these few. I have been reading each one of them for a different amount of time and there are other reasons for me to like them, so let´s see who it actually is and why I´m so into their blogs.

I´ll start with probably the youngest one out of my pick. I actually do kind of personaly know Bari Bircak from B´s Corner. Well I did know her a while back when she still lived in my hometown. She used to be this cute little crazy girl. I bet she is still the same, but in a creative, talented and pretty hot way. Just sayin ahaha. Bari started blogging not even a year ago but she is already doing pretty damn good. I mean some of us are born with it and are meant for blogging.

This blondie- Tereza- or also known as Cury in the City is my newest find. What I like about her is that she has this trendy style that is so wearable, cause some of the bloggers would show you cool looks that you soooo love but in the corner of your mind you know you´d never wear it on the street. That isn´t Terezas case. Her style is actually pretty cute and she often reminds me of a mixture of Milan and Parisian signiture styles. Oh and She looks like a Slovak version of Chiara Ferragni doesn´t she?! Tall and pretty blondie ahah.

 This little cutie pie called Rebecca or also Fresshion is a fashionista / young Mary Berry! Trust me. Not only that she is one of my fashion inspirations but she also bakes! Big time! Absolutely amazing and talented girl. I mean just look for yourself!!!

Okay, now how do I start with this one. Ivanka or SweetLadyLollipop is a real sweet heart! I known her since I started blogging and I remember us messaging to each other  back when we were still only cold girls. I always tried o get some tips and tricks from her on how to grow my blog cause look at her! She is doing so good and I am actually soooo proud of her. Plus, come on, have you ever seen more beautiful, stunning and fashionable human being?!

Zuzana from RedPoppyStories is a queen in home decor ahah. She has this unique style that always makes me wonder, if I should change my closet a bit. Such an artistic and creative woman. I absolutely adore every single one of her interior related posts and the fact that you never really know what to expect from her. Love her!

This colorfull lady is Lenka from The Stylemon. I did find her blog only like a month ago but I am sooo glad I did. She does colorful outfits so well and whenever I check her outfits I change my OOTD into something brighter. She is basically a little reminder to me what feminine and multicolored outfits look like. And I not only adore her for that, I am thankful for that ahah.

Veronika from Svartsvanur is the most down to earth fashionista I have ever seen. Her sporty and casual style shows that fashion isn´t only about high heels and those runway ready dresses. You can wear sweats and flip flops if you want ahahha. And i case you decide to become a reader of Veronikas blog, be careful and don´t visit her blog too often. Her gym pics and healthy food photos will make you feel pretty damn bad bout your life and food choices ahah. Just messin.

Now this lady is such a classy fashionista. Timea from Timea-Timbo  is not afraid to try different style every day or bring you back in time with her sometimes retro outfits. She is actually the person that learned me not to give an f* and wear everyday whatever you feel like wearing and not put yourself into certain style category. Thanks for that babe.

And those are my faves from Slovak blogger scene. As I mentioned I do have more of them and there are a lot of new talented girls but you can´t mention or please everyone right?!
Now I´ll let you go and explore their blogs, get obsessed, or nah. It is up on you.
Let me know in the comments bellow who is your fave and...
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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