Bring it Back to the Way it was

Hey Dolls! Yea, I used to greed you at the beginning of my posts. I also used to ask you how you were, so... how are you?! Did you enjoy your weekend? I sure did. I feel real relaxed now. Probably thank of that walk I took earlier on today. It was well needed after a week full of college stuff and getting used to new schedule. And you know what effect nice walk has on me.

Whilst another of my walks I found this beautiful street Lark Lane here in Liverpool. Whole neighbourhood is so lovely, clean and people are super friendly. Loads of little artistic stores, pubs, tattoo and barber shops.... just cuteness overload. And when you combine chilling in Sefton park and then you go take photos to Lark Lane, there is no chance for you to feel stressed afterwards.
That is exactly what I did with my dad for last two weekends and we think that this will become our little tradition.
I wore a few oof my fav and newest pieces. Focus is probably on my snake print shoes from Primark. Those jeans, also from Primark, are the comfiest I ever wore. I swear! Plus they are high wasted so they keep in everything they need to. Simple sweater from H&M that sometimes give illusion of being silver. Black tank from C&A is a classic must have for a wardrobe. And to keep me warm I wore my newest obsession, waterfall front black faux leather jacket from Primark. I did add a tiny necklace from H&M. Just ro tiny pop of color. 
 Oh and I have to mention this great pub called "BIER" which specializes in, surprise, surprise, a beer. A huge selection from beers brought in from all over the world. Its on that already mentioned Lark Lane. My dad loved the fact we could sit outside, which is pretty rare option here in England I´ve noticed. And I really appreciated a looovely cherry beer.
I hope you are going to start next week with a smile on your face and peace in your mind.
Until next time, keep safe dolls and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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