Can´t get any more Basic

What is your make-up routine at the moment? Is it the same as all year round? Do you like to switch things up? Do seasons even effect your make up routine? I know! Those are a lot of questions. But I  will answer most of them in this post. So keep reading in case you are interested.

I know my face shape, my features and my style. Make-up is sort of a part of the whole look you put together with the outfit and hairstyle. That is why I have to change it slightly on certain occasions. But since I know what suits my face I do have that simple base look that I can do on myself ,almost like a copy, everyday.
What changes the most are the products I use. I am one of those who would buy eeeeverything! I´m sure you have noticed. So a while back I decided to only buy products of certain type when another ones are getting empty. That way I make sure I use up all the products and my collection is not growing into something crazy. I only own products I actually use. Pretty smart for... well. Me!

And this is the basic look I have been doing for a while now.
Recently I found this amazing CC Cream by PURE. Makes my skin super smooth and is super light. Still covers everything that need to be covered though. Perfection. I love to use RIMMELs Dream Sun bronzer as a contour. Not only that it shapes my face into something slimmer but also adds a touch of sun glow that I so miss this year.
Get some shape out of them eyebrows using S-He eyebrow pencil in blonde. I really wanted to try using the brow gel by benefit but I´m still not sure if it is worth it. What do you think?
I have switched my trusty eyeliner in pencil form for LITTLE MIX collection liquid eye liner and I am obsessed. Absolutely love the matt look it leaves and the brush makes it so easy for me to apply the product.
Kate Moss´s mascara for RIMMEL is still my top. I just can ´t imagine any product give me better volume and length then this. And as far as my lovely lips go, I started using my VEVAY lipstick a lot lately. It is just such natural and basic shade.
Do let me know in the comments bellow what products you can ´t live without. What are your must have brands?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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