Girly Chillax

We all need to switch off and chill every now and then. You can´t just work and worry 24/7 in case you ain´t want to go insane or kill someone.
And this is how I tried to calm down for a few days. It was AMAZING! I spent time with my besties and I refilled my energy.

Put your SMILE on !
There is no better way to start your "recovery" then realizing how lucky you are to be even alive. How amazing your life is and is going to be. So put that f***ing smile on and work it

Meet your friends! 
chit-chat, laugh, gossip- do it all- because they don´t judge you 

Go to your Happy place! 
swimming pool, beach, forest, cabin, club, restaurant - do it all if necessary ! 
 Don´t Hurry Anywhere!
 Have a few days when you know that you ain´t have to wake up super early and you can have an hour long breakfast, watch a show, movie or just stay in bed till noon. It is YOUR time!
 And do it all again and again until you get this feeling like you are about to explode from happiness!

- then you are ready to cope with life....

DeniVev :*

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