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Lately I have been into a few blogs that I can not share with you anymore. I did make a post about them already a year ago, but I feel like ever since then a lot happened and changed - in your lives and in bloggers´s lives. Thats why I am doing basically an updated version. 
I already mentioned most of these bloggers, but they really are worth your time so I hope you don´t mind. 

Lucy and Nikol- A Cup Of Style

 Andy - Style Scrapbook

 Aurora - AuroraMohn

 Sammi - BeautyCrush

 Rebecca -The Clothes Horse

 Erica Mohn - L0VE

 Adam- I Am Gala

 Jim - Jim Chapman

 Keiko- Keiko Lynn

 Ashlae - Oh Lady Cakes


 Niomi - Lady Smart

 Tanya - TanyaBurr

 Valentine -HelloItsValentine

 Carrie -WishWishWish

 Zoe -Zoella

Do you know ALL of these?! Do you know any more that are worth checking out? LET ME KNOW :) I am definitely up for making an updated version of THIS is a bit :)
DeniVev :*

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