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Hi! How are you doing?!
If you remember... A few months ago I had been doing these posts with my fav songs from a certain month, but I haven´t done anything like that lately. And that is a reason why I decided to do one post dedicated to music and to musicians today.
I would like to share not only my fav songs but also singers/musicians I had loved lately for their work in generous and not only for music they do.

To get you into summer spirit:
Clean Bandit - Rather Be
In case you are having a rough day, this song and a few friends would definitely help you to get into better mood. Remember that!

Calvin Harris - Summer
Typical clubbing song that makes you wanna put on some cool short dress and dance all night long. We ALL have that feeling every now and then.

Duke Dumont - I Got U
I personally love to listen to this song while working out and It makes me feel like I am somewhere in Ibiza or Italy...on the beach with a drink in my hand and HOT body. Thats how those abs are created, or not?!

Klingande - Jubel
Do you like running?! I DO! And this song always make me keep that good tempo and rhythm. But let me tell you.. it is really hard NOT to dance sometimes ahaha

NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood
This is one of those songs that brings me into a mind movie. You know what I mean... while listening to this song there is a whole movie going on in your mind. You running in the middle of the field full of flowers and dancing, laughing with your love and everything is fine. That kinda feeling :) 

Boho kind that gets me into that Festival like mood: 
Sonnentanz by Will Heard and Cara Delevingne
You could here this song in one of my vlogs from may and I feel so calm while listening it. Don´t you?

Bastille and Ella - No Angels
The perfect song for evening walks or drives around city. 

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
I absolutely LOVE this song and I had been listening to it with my besties every single time we went for a little road trips since it is probably the best song for those car journeys with your windows down and laughter all around. 
And my Belgian friend recorded a cover of this song with her twin sister as well. I already used their cover in one of my videos but I felt like sharing it with you again :) 

My Beloved (mostly)British  Musicians: 
Ed Sheeran - SING
That voice, that guitar, great lyrics and yes..Pharells touch!

Lorde- Team
Lorde is a great artist and this song is lately my fav out of all.

Ellie Goulding - Beating Heart
Ellie is one of my favourite artists since she started with her carrier and her voice is like a balm on the wound. And this one makes her sound like an angel.....

James Blunt - Heart to Heart
For me a KING of love songs. His lyrics always make my heart melt a little. And combination of his voice and those words...oh yeeah :) 

Little Mix - Salute
Girls are PERFECT combo of words and styles and I think that we all had realized that already a while ago, but this song full of  great energy and strong words. YAY 

Covers and other Music Magicians: 
Max Milner - his The Voice Audition 
I have a THING for a unique and special voices as Max´s and I had been trying to keep him for myself....but It is not possible anymore. I HAVE TO SHARE :D ahah....And out of all his performances and covers and songs he made I still keep going back to the first video that I found and it is his The Voice audition. 

Get Lucky covered by Anna McLuckie
Another super special voice.... There is nothing more for me to say

Janet Devlin 
Even though I LOVE her own songs as well.... Her performances on X-Factor were THE BEST I ever heard. ALWAYS perfect 

19 You+Me cover by Colton Haynes and  New Heights
Colton is my biggest crush probably ever. Funny,talented and cute...and now his voice. I have a goose-bumps. And the way his voice sounds with Travis...OH

 And girls I had been subscribed to since like 2009 MEGAN&LIZ made a cover of this song as well...In my opinion it is just as good as Colton/Travis ´s except for that missing hot factor. 

I found this french fellow only a few days ago ... and yes, it was thank of a commercial for Absolut Vodka :D I saw on TV and I immediately felt in love with his voice. At first he was just making music videos for small musicians, then huge celebs like Katy Perry and NOW (thank god) he started doing his own music! 

And that is probably everything for now.... I hope I gave you a few good tips for music and until next time....
DeniVev :*

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