Life Update

Hi yallll!!! :)
What about a little life update?! ha? ;)
I thought that after graduating my life would get less busy and hectic, but it really didn´t. How is that possible? Well, it is REALLY simple - entering exams! I got sooo stressed out by them in last probably two weeks...agh
But I still somehow found a way to enjoy non school life. You wanna know how?

I have been traveling A LOT lately and even though it makes me bloody tired sometimes I love it. There is something about train journeys that makes me happy even after having half an hour or an hour delay.
 I always thought I should be an architect or interior designer. My obsession with wonderful buildings is unbelievable. Oh and taking photos of them...well.... most of my friends are already super tired of having to wait for me while I am photographing EVERYTHING I like around ahah
 FOOD. Who does not like food. And eating! :D Well me and my sister we LOVE trying different new places to eat at and new dishes to try. Lately we are eating way healthier than we used to and finding places with such a food is our THING I guess :D
 I have always been in love with Brno and being able to spend some time there made me mooore then pleased :) Oh and if you are student there or you are going to be GO to Falk restaurant/coffe/bar. You won´t regret.
 And I also found a job that I am really enjoying sooo far. I work at this little place where we make kinda fake tattoos. Well it is not really fake. It is temporary special Indian kind of tattoo. And earning money for painting and doing what I always do anyways is PERFECT.
 And obviously you can not forget to take a SELFIEEEE :D hahahah

So here you go. That is my little life update. I hope you kinda enjoyed aaand....yeeessss then
DeniVev :*

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