Stop for a while

This is what happens when you are having a hell of a good time OR if you are just really f*cking (sorry) busy.
I skipped a few days because of those two facts. Friday- Monday were amazing days for me! I couldn´t wish for better days spent with fam or my mates. And then my school work was back and I just couldn´t cope through it fast enought to post anything up.
That is what made me think about the schedual I made for myself. At this time of my life (finishing school) it is hard for me to keep with the topics of posts I decided to hold to - especially the OOTDs are extremly hard since I wear almost the same clothes every monday lolz.
So I will still write posts - that is more then 100 percent sure - maybe I will post something everyday. Who knows?! But I will write only the days I have a time for it and about any topic that is on my mind.
Clear?! I think this would be a good idea and maybe it would be better then it was until now. We will see.

So we made a deal and for today I would like to share a few I thinks I liked on interwebz receantly. And next time I will probably update you with thinks I was up to in last few weeks.
 My huge obsession for a last few weeks. I am on tumblr almost 24/7. seriously! :)
And if I am not, I am taking some inspo from other bloggers. Not only fashion inspo but also for photographs. And these are blogs that has A LOT of wonderfull pics.
This Celine! OMG I am getting a heart attack lol
photo from alexadagmar
FrancoBros .... I can not believe there is someone like them alive! 
 These wonderfull pics were taken by Isaac Gautschi. Aren´t they insanely great?
And talking about photos there are a few tumblrs with cool ones...
 No make-up?! No problem!
 the weather ! oh wow....sunny but cold... perfect
 I have been experimenting with photo effects...pretty nice
This photoshoot of Emma for Wonderland WOW

And thats it for a while. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
DeniVev :*

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