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I get bored by my look pretty often and fast. That is why I change my hair almost every 2-5 months. Whenever I change my look -even just a little- I am really happy and I am feeling great. I feel like a new person. That might be because I am a gemini but also maybe just because I like to experiment......ahhaah
Story of my Hair (life)
I started changing my hair color when I was 14. At that time I went just for a little darker shade. I remember looking at Miley Cyrus and wishing my hair looked like hers.

Then I added a little red-ish tone to my brown and after a little time, after it started fading out I turned out to be redhead girl.
Later on I went "a little bit" darker. That means real dark ahhahah. But I didn´t leave it like that for too long. I felt in LOVE with ombre hair in 2011 and went straight to that style. I remeber loving it and I still do. And also I remember how people used to look at me in my town thinking I am super crazy for having such a hair color. And today every fifth girl is rocking omre hair thinking she is super cool and original. LOL funny ;)
And then darker tone again. I don´t know why I decided to do so. I guess I never wanted to be blondie before. I would understand if I changed my hair for darker in winter or so, but I didn´t. I went darker in the summer. At the very begining. Since that summer I tried multiple darker browns and also black. I do like that look on me but sometimes I felt like it is not me.
All this time -I mean since 2010- I kept my hair pretty long. I just wanted to let them grow. I was loving the possibility of making different updos  etc.
In summer 2012 I decided to go a little lighter. I started by making ombre again and then I went pretty dramatically lighter. And a little shorter. Then I left it grow and lighten y the sun in the summer. After a while -because I didn´t use any special shampoos for blonde hair- the color turned a tiny bit orange. I still kept my ombre though. And to be honest I liked my orange-ysh tone. It seemed original. ahhah
My hair ended up eing pretty long. And I started thinking about cutting them. I had two reassons. My ends after all that bleaching were demaged and I just simply got bored. So I chopped them off and went for a darker shade. After they got long again I chopped them again and went for lighter shade with little ombre effect. And when I got back to school I went even lighter. I got into blonde mood ahhah.
I really got into my blonde fase then. Actually I was somewhere between blonde and brown ombre. Later I found out that this kind of hair is called BRONDE (brown-blonde). I wanted my hair to get as long as possible until November 2013. It was my prom that kept me on that note.
And right after my prom was over I chopped those hair off. I went for it straight away. I was so bored, pissed and annoyed by that lenght I had. So in a few months I changed my hair lenght three times. Not too dramatically as I did before. But I am much more satisfied with my hair now. I have them in shoulder lenght and nice dark blonde color with a little ombre effect.
 A week ago my hair looked a little longer then they do today and they were also little darker. Then I went for lighter tone. It has never been this light. And I also made my mom to cut them a little.
 So I think that is just enough photos and information for one post. I hope you enjoyed and you will come next time as well. If you have any questions please don´t e afraid to ask in the comments bellow or on my facebook or any other social media.
Thank you for reading
DeniVev :*

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