Random Photo Update

ELLO there :)
Today I have here (as the topic says) random photo update. Basicly pix that I did through last few days. These are mainly things I am loving at the moment so....  Hope you enjoy :) If you share love to some subjects with me or you like something I´ll might like then let me know at the comments bellow :)
 HELLOooooo :)

 working on blog posts... woop woop

 burning my last christmas candle...I am actually tired of that scent now :/

 trying my IKEA tea candles...these might be my fav

 watching these too always make me laugh....Well Alfie and Marcus...what else to say

 planning new posts....any suggestions?! :)

 Am I the only one who used to watch this Cartoon ?!?! :( :D


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