My Fav Models n.1

This Post is about Models. My Favorite ones. Hope you´ll enjoy :)

Clémence Poésy
This wonderfull lady was born in Paris in 1982. You may also know her from Harry Potter or Gossip Girl, since Clémence is an incredible actress. I really like her look and her street style is pretty good as well :)

 Cara Delevigne
Cara is one of the most famous models at the moment. This young lady has a wondefull face and her face expresions while photo-shooting are sooo cool ahah :D Her style is a bit hipster-ish and I like that :) .Cara is more of the runway model, but...

 Miranda Kerr
I mentioned Miranda in a post a few days ago and I also said how much I like her. She is a wonderfull woman with incredible body, of course- she is a Victorias Secrets Angel :) I also adore her style A LOT :)

 Ruth Crilly
 Ruth is not too much known model at these days, i guess. But I love her for her personality. You may know her as A Model Recommends from youtube. She is really nice and funny :) 

 Georgia Jagger
Yes, you are right. This lady is a daughter of Mick Jagger. She is sooo pretty..I LOVE her lips ahah :) Georgia is not one of those famouse kids that would become stars thank of parents. She worked on her own and thats why we all know her in these days....

 Coco Rocha
This Canadian Model is of Irish, Russian, and Welsh descent. She appeared in Vogue for a few times already and she is deffinitely one of the best models I ever knew :) http://www.cocorocha.com/


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