It Always Seems Impossible, Until Its Done

WELL  Helloooo :) A few weeks ago I have mentioned that this is third year of blogging and I promised that there is a special post coming up. There you go :) I asked my friend Meli from MeliPhoto if We could create a pictures for you (as kinda celebration) ... And we did :) I also found some pix from my blogging begginings So I hope you´ll enjoy. (we had sooo much fun shooting the pix especially because there was noooo wind...AT ALL :D )
I would also like to say MASSIVE thank you to all of you who are reading my blog from ver beggining :) That include most of my BFFs :) ahhah
 Lets go Back to the start....
 I HOPE that we would last here togethr for at least more 3 years :) Lets make it happen :)

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