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ELLO :) today I have here some more inspirations...well pix of the interior, of the architecture and so. I love changing the way my room looks and if I could I would change it completely every month ahahahh :D SO here are some pix of things I like so I hope you´ll enjoy as well :)
If you have some cool DIY ideas or something like that let me know :) I´d like to see :)
I am a HUGE fan of high ceilings and that combination of bricks and wood is..ah.. i just love that. BUT I would probably leave to classic color of bricks and not cover it :) it would look more bohemien-ish i guess :D
I am truly madly in LOVE with this rug..those colours can make a simply looking room brighter and it can bring a feel of happiness as well :) Oh and the table! big wooden tabels that looks naturally with no colour on are so nice.
 At this one I am impressed how the pictures and blanket on the sofa brightened up the room and made it feel warmer since the wall has such a cold colour. and that wooden floor adds a little rustic feel to it and also makes it feel warmer.
I like how you can change such a dark colour on walls just by having white lining around windows and white sheets on the bed :D I would deffinitely change that bed table with something more rustic that would go with cages on the wall... But I LOVE the floor again :D Miggy Mason and Roisin Giese for Twelve Chairs - vintage resin pendant lamps, chevron block print, porcelain vase, Formations saber-leg ottoman, hohair throw, Caucasian Derband rug, Ironies Tuktu dining chair, Ironies Strider bedside tables, Ironies Passant lamp, Libeco Vence sheets and pillowcases, Tulu Madame Thar quilt, small white throw pillow 
too much white, but OH I LOVE IT :D as you can see there is my fav combo bricks and wood. plus that high window would bring so much light in through the day and at night you have perfect view on stars from your bed :)
I looove cooking and this is something what i like to call HEAVEN :) my fav combo of materials and those earth colours... Perfectiioooonnn ;)
quotes, quotes and wood ahahah :) this would be perfect chilling / reading place don´t you think ? :) and I also like those little details/ decorations on the shelfs. I would probably add some candels and books :)
  Wooden walls and classy wooden furniture are always great for warmer feeling 
Another way how to use wood :) and the blue colour is so nice especially with those pix :)
Oh, you probably know so far what I like ahah....the only thing I really love on this pic and that caught my eye is that brick wall :) isn´t it nice!?! :)
  neon interior 
I deffinitelly need that pillow ahahha :D

so that is all :) Hope you enjoyed...as I said if you´ll find something I´ll might like let me know :)

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