V-Countdown . 4 Days Left

Hello Everyone :)
As we have only 4 days till Valentines day I decided to make a V-countdown. It means that i will post every single day till V day a post related to Valentine. I hope you would enjoy :) Theese posts will be probably more picture styled but I don´t think that is a problem. :)
 DAY 4.....
 Interior Decorations. How to decorate your room/flat/office...
Inspirations from pinterest. (Follow me http://pinterest.com/denivevsfashion/ for more)
Be Mine Valentine cards Inspirations... easy to make
 Red Sparkly Cupid Valentine Card  by:-Zeebestcards Valentine card
this one seems to be hard, but it isn´t ... you just need an old map (you don´t need any more) and be creative

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