Fragrance-Free Satin Hands® Hand Cream

I have tryed planty of hand creams and I finally found my absoutely favorite one. The only think I ain´t like about it is that I can´t get it in my town :/ :D but thats okay cause even two hours trip by train is worth it ahahhah
Provides 24-hour moisturization in a fragrance-free formula.
  • Luxurious formula absorbs quickly.
  • Provides a protective layer on hands that lasts through several hand washings.
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Fragrance FREE....no more headaches for me YAY 
You can get it for about $10/10€ online or at the official MARY KAY stores

Key Ingredients

  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) is a known antioxidant which helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals generated by the environment.
  • Petrolatum is an emollient known to help maintain the soft, smooth and supple appearance of the skin.
  • Glycerin is a moisturizer/hydrator that helps condition and smooth the skin by adding, attracting, or retaining moisture.

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