Top 10 Songs - June 2012

Hi there! :)
So today I decided to start this new thing :D Since music is a HUGE part of my life (I love to play music on a lot of different instruments, I love listening to music and  singing. And  I am also doing my own music :D ), I will be posting here every month a TOP 10 songs that I was listening to.

1. Lancifer - We Bring The Party
2.JLS & DEV - She Makes Me Wanna
  3. Flo Rida- Whistle
4. Coldplay & Rihanna- Princess of China
5.BoB-So Good
6. Top Of The World- Lancifer
7. Train - Drive By
8. JB- Boyfriend
9.Givers- Noche Nada
10. One Direction- NaNaNa
So yeah.....these are my favs at the moment. As you can see I am a fan of One Direction and JB as well a little bit :D All of the songs are really nice and rythmic but especilly summery :D And thats is the best thing about them. I can imagine myself listening to these song all summer long. :)
Hope you enjoyed :)

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