How I Style : Denim Shorts for Spring

 Romantic and Girly
Denim Shorts : DIY
Shirt : GATE
Flats : Random Store in Hungary
Bracelet : DIY
Watch : Present
Sunglasses: H&M
Ring : tent market
Earrings : H&M

 Rock-Boho and Girly:
 Shorts: DIY
TankTop : Local Boutique
Vest : SecondHand
Shoes: Local Boutique
Necklace : NewYorker
Watch: present
Bracelet : present
Ring: tent market
Sunglasses : local boutique

Country-Boho and Girly
Shorts: DIY
TankTop: H&M
Jacket: vintage
Shoes : Local Boutique
Necklace : Takko Fashion
Sunglasses: Chinese Store

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